Daily Routine

Shirley's Mother Goose is committed to providing an exciting and fun learning experience.

Each classroom has a Better Beginnings-approved daily schedule that includes time for structured activities such as art and crafts, free play, gross motor play and fine motor play.

Children will be exposed to language (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, sight words, etc) through books, songs, felt boards and finger plays, math (numbers, shapes, colors, etc) through manipulatives, computer programs and charts, science (insects, animals, dinosaurs, planets, etc) through experiments, books and interactions and social studies (community, diversity, etc) through books, role playing and story retelling. 

Schedules are posted online and on each classroom's wall.

Infant (12 Months and older) Schedule

Waddler Schedule

Toddler 1 Schedule

Toddler 2 Schedule

Preschool 2 Schedule

Preschool 3 Schedule

Pre-K 4 Schedule

Pre-K 5 Schedule

School Age (Before and After School) Schedule

School Age (Summer) Schedule

Structured Activities

Age appropriate structured activities vary with each lesson plan, but may include art projects such as magazine collages or finger-paints, craft projects or other planned activities completed individually or as a group.

Free Play

Children learn best by playing. Free play encourages children to make choices, learn to share and allows them to explore their environments. Free Play is incorporated daily into each classroom's schedule and may include learning center activities (dress up, kitchen, blocks and more) or other free choice activities such as free art or puzzles.

Gross Motor Play

Large motor skills are important to the development of your child. Our classrooms are set up to allow large motor activities like the hokey pokey, six little ducks, ring around the rosie and more. Additionally, our large playgrounds provide a wide open space for your child to run and explore an outdoor environment safely.

Fine Motor Play

As your child develops, his or her fine motor skills will continue to improve. Age appropriate fine motor activities (cutting, gluing, writing, building and more)  are incorporated into each classroom. As your child grows, he or she will learn the fine motor skills needed to enter Kindergarten.

Circle Time

Group time at Shirley's Mother Goose is interactive and fun. Teachers will use props such as flannel boards, puppets, books, songs, nursery rhymes and rug games to help teach your child. Group time may be in a formal environment such as a rug setting or an informal environment such as a nature walk or kitchen science experiment.